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Social media marketing is one of the largest forms and one of the most successful ways to market not only yourself but a product. If you are someone with a large following online, whether it be your Twitter or Instagram there are ways to start your own campaigns and become successful at doing so. 93% of social influencers are on Instagram, and charge an average of $250 per post, until you are able to make the company a significant amount, then the amount of pay will increase. And although this may seem like a fad that everyone is doing, 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of their peers, so there is absolutely money to be made in this process.

Picking your platform will be the first step in starting a campaign. Determine which platform is the best to sell your product. Platforms like Instagram are good for products that need to be used or worn by the consumer, for example; makeup. Instagram is a great place for influencers to promote makeup because they are able to do product reviews and give customers a visualization. For a business that offers services, Twitter is great; since you are able to use paid promotions through your influencer while they share it with the   of twitter followers they have. This first step will be essential to the success of your campaign. Figuring out the platform is equivalent to understanding your target market.

Choosing the right influencer for your campaign is extremely important in the success of it. This will be the person to represent your brand, and any negative connotations attached to them will have a negative effect of your campaign so choose wisely. Once you have narrowed down a search, it is important to go through their social media accounts and see how they interact with their online audience. Do they post a lot of pictures or videos? Do they comment back to their followers after they ask questions on their videos? Once this is figured out you will be able to have a better understanding on how they will represent your product online. Then you are able to choose the right influencer for your campaign strategy.

Create a strategy outline and then let the influencer take over. It is important to remember why you hired them in the first place. In the beginning, they will need some guidance with what you expect of them online and the way you want your product promoted, but after this phase you will be able to sit back and watch them do their job. Social media influencers know what their followers are looking for and will be able to take creative control of the campaign.

Using a social media influencer to sell your product or services has replaced many marketing strategies that were once the standard in the business. If you are able to create an influencer campaign for your company you will be able to bring in not only revenue for the products and service, but you may even acquire a new target market. Social media is full with all types of people, and some may not know what they’re looking for, but they do know if their favorite influencer online is using it, then they will give it a chance also.