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Bryan Moll

Someone Worth Knowing

Being a member at Someone Worth Knowing gives you keys to a myriad of resources, both creative and analytical, that have been used to create Fortune 500 companies in the past. Being able to access these powerful assets allows our members to push forward and continue to grow in a positive direction. By using Someone Worth Knowing, our members have been able to make many powerful connections with influential people within their industries, adding firepower to their professional network and improving their overall brand. Whether it’s having access to business development tools or trying to find the most efficient way to complete a task within your company, our service will facilitate your needs and can even propel your business to new and exciting levels. At Someone Worth Knowing, we stand behind our mission to help people at an individual level. Our employees are proud of their profession and are provided with substantial compensation for their efforts and incredible skills.

Recruiter. It’s an outdated term from an outdated industry, and it doesn’t come close to encapsulating the acumen of a modern talent professional. At SWK, members are so much more than the sum total of their individual skills and dreams. We are the sum total of EVERYONE’S skills and dreams, in a fast-moving exchange of opportunity and business commerce. As we continue to evolve together with the changing business landscape, we ascend the monikers of yesterday. And whatever corporate handle becomes the vogue of today, we shall always remain Someone Worth Knowing. We collaborate, share ideas, share experiences, and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor. SWK members enjoy premium access to events, dinners, tastings, and opportunities to learn and grow together.

Every business professional knows the power and importance of networking and building up their team of support. Behind every successful business, there is a human element that is absent from other companies that have all the right processes and technology. Without first focusing on the individual, an otherwise great business will eventually stop working. Talented professionals are the strongest part of any business, and growing a network is essential for entrepreneurs, which makes Someone Worth Knowing a valuable resource for both. Someone Worth Knowing was created for dedicated professionals to cultivate their skill set so they can build the best possible career within their profession while also growing their influence among their peers.

Praise for Someone Worth Knowing

Founder, KB Links

I was attracted to SWK because of the members that seemed unsatisfied with the normal single-track career in HR or recruiting. I immediately realized this wasn’t just a club of like-minds, it was a catalyst to my own business. SWK provided me with incredible mentorship, next-gen marketing tools, and amazing introductions to people  I would have never met otherwise —the network and branding power I now have is incredible.

Founder, Digitally Human

I found SWK, and in doing so, found my business family. A collective of the most ambitious individuals who were all reaching for more, becoming better, and growing their empires every day. The difference here, is that the members of SWK are dead set on building up everyone else. I’ve had countless opportunities for revenue growth, met incredible leaders I never would have access to, and above all, I’ve found my tribe. To come across a business group that is more than just conversation, but actual deal flow, is incredible. My business would not be what it is today without SWK.

Bryan Moll is a talent acquisition professional with a strong focus in partnering with top organizations within Marketing/Communications, Technology, Ecommerce, and Media. Highly regarded as a collaborative recruiting enthusiast that brings a track record of building and leading progressive recruiting teams. Passionate driver of cutting edge, concept driven recruiting strategies that focus on effectively marketing a company’s value proposition to the right type of talent.