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If you open your phone and scroll through your Instagram timeline, you will likely pass quite a few influencer marketing campaigns without even realizing it. There are thousands of these campaigns appearing on Instagram each week. However, not all campaigns are created equal! There are some who have outperformed others by a landslide over the past couple of years. Here are a few of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Daniel Wellington

The famous watch band has recently taken over in the world of influencer marketing campaigns. Their success stemmed from going all in on influencer marketing along, stepping away from the more traditional methods of advertisement. The brand began by targeting high-quality influencers from the start and later making bigger moves with stars like Kendall Jenner, choosing quality over quantity.

An incredibly effective tactic the brand used included assigning each influencer a promotional code to use in their campaign to market a discount. This allowed the brand to incentivize potential buyers with a discount and also allowed them to track each individual influencer to see who was driving success. This allowed the brand to make smart decisions about their influencers, and marketing overall.

YSL Beauty

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty took a totally different route, but still achieved amazing success. The beauty brand not only chose high-quality influencers, but they targeted influencers with a certain aesthetic to paint their own brand in an edgier light. Browsing through some of their recent campaigns, you’ll notice the product is less important in the post then the vibe the post is giving off. Because of their exclusivity and standards when it comes to the influencers chosen, YSL has been incredibly successful in influencer marketing.


When it comes to fashion influencer marketing campaigns, H&M takes the cake! Of course, their already instated fame in the fashion world makes it no surprise they are on this list. H&M leveraged their already renowned brand and optimized it for the world of influencer marketing. Instead of taking an aggressive approach as some other brands have, they actually played it pretty low key.

By selecting specific influencers, they used their sponsorship as brand endorsements. There were no paragraphs of text, no promo codes, just photos with a tag portrayed as a testimonial. By using these tactics alongside some more traditional advertising methods, H&M painted itself a story of success.